Citizen Journalism Update: Mobile Journalism in Sri Lanka

Posted by CorinneRamey on Oct 30, 2007

Sanjana Hattotuwa, on the ICT4Peace blog, mentions our recent article on the Reuters/Nokia collaboration in the context of his work in Sri Lanka. Hattotuwa writes:

Reading Reuters/Nokia Collaboration Has Potential for Citizen Journalists on MobileActive echoed what I’m currently facilitating in Sri Lanka with the help of the CPA Media Unit.

We are using a Nokia N93i phone to capture content that is feeding into Sri Lanka’s first citizen journalism YouTube channel, the Vikalpa YouTube Video Channel. The channel will be formally launched in the near future with more content added online.

Vikalpa the first and only vernacular citizen journalism initiative in Sri Lanka and follows Groundviews launched late in 2006 that was Sri Lanka first ever citizen journalism initiative. Coupled with VOR Radio, we want to explore ways through which digital media and mobile devices such as the N-series Nokia phones with their built in mobile blogging, multimedia, wireless and video editing features can be used to strengthen the voice of citizens in support of democratic governance, human rights and peace.

Mobile Citizen Reporter - Citizen journalism made mobile

I found an interesting tool for citizen journalism. It seems that Nokia is also starting to appreciate special tools for this purpose. Original news below.

"Mobile Citizen Reporter service developed by Fromdistance was voted by the audience of the Forum Nokia Innovation Event, held in Amsterdam 3rd of December, as the most innovative mobile application of the year 2007.

Mobile Citizen Reporter is a citizen journalism service facilitating effortless and reliable sending of images and videos to publishers.

The innovativeness of the service unites good usability with efficient delivery of content to newspapers and television channels.

Further information:

Mobile version of this video:"

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