It's (Mobile) World AIDS Day 2011

Posted by EKStallings on Dec 01, 2011 recognizes World AIDS Day today, December 1, by featuring some of the organizations and programs that utilize mobile tech in the fight against HIV/AIDS. We hope that countries around the world will continue to fulfill their funding commitments in the fight against AIDS.  

Designing SMS Reminders for HIV/AIDS Patients in Peru

SMS reminders are a key component of many mHealth programs targeting drug compliance among HIV/AIDS patients.  This slidecast features the findings of Dr. Curioso and colleagues from their research in Peru. The slides address patient recommendations for SMS content and tone, program development, and concerns for cultural appropriateness.

Impact of a mHealth Intervention for Peer Health Workers on AIDS Care in Rural Uganda

This study came our way through a member, Larry W. Chang. Chang et al. evaluated the impact of a mHealth intervention for peer health workers providing AIDS care in Uganda. While the group found no significant difference in health between the study and controls groups, the peer health workers and patients involved showed broad support for the initiative, and improvements in patient care were found.

Text to Change

In our World AIDS Day roundup last year we covered a Kenyan pilot of Text to Change, an SMS-based quiz of HIV/AIDS knowledge. This year we got to learn about two deployments of Text to Change in Uganda.

South African Youth Sex Survey

The Youth Africa Live, a mobile portal for South Africans to talk about HIV/AIDS, conducted a survey this past summer which garnered 130,000 responses from platform users, most of whom are 16-24 years old. The results were telling about sex trends in South Africa, and possibilities for mobile platforms. You can find a brief summary on our site, or more complete findings here.


Cell-Life is an initiative that uses mobile phones to help in the life management of people with HIV/AIDS with several programs in South Africa. Earlier this year to featured a case study about the drug adherence program in our mDirectory. 

Learn more about RedChatZone, a collaboration between Cell-Life and LifeLine to bring HIV counseling to more South African youths that we covered in 2010. 

There's More!

Check our site for additional tools, blog posts, and case studies. We also summarize and post research, reports, and white papers on the intersection of mobile technology and HIV/AIDS. If you have any suggestions about tools or organizations that are doing work towards fighting HIV/AIDS with mobiles, please leave a comment and let us know.

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