Winners of the World Bank Apps4Dev Contest Announced

Posted by MelissaUlbricht on Apr 15, 2011

The World Bank announced today the winners of its first-ever Apps for Development competition. The contest launched last October as part of the Open Data Initiative and invited developers and development professionals to create mobile applications to help solve world problems apply their skills toward the Millenium Development Goals. A total of 107 applications were submitted form 36 countries across every continent.

Honorable mention, for example, went to Treepet from Mexico, that teaches people about the realities of worldwide deforestation via a game in which you plant a seed, nourish and water it, and try to restore an ecosystem.  One of the winning apps helps the Bank directly: StatPlanet World Bank from Australia uses the 3000-plus indicators available from the World Bank database in interactive maps and graphs.

The winners:
1st place: StatPlanet World Bank from Australia
2nd place: Development Timelines from France
3rd place: Yourtopia from Germany

Honorable mentions went to the following applications:
World Bank Widget from Finland.
Get a life! GAME from the Netherlands.
Know your World from the U.S.
Bebemama mobile app from Thailand.
Economic Data Finder from the U.K.
Treepet from Mexico.
Indicators Lab from India.
MDG Chart Generator from Jaimaica
FACTCHA from Kenya
MDG Maps from Uganda.
The popular choice award went to World from Macedonia.

Sanjay Pradhan of the World Bank Institute closed the event by saying that the Apps for Development contest is about the confluence of three concepts: transformative technology, openness, and the power of competition.  You can also check out all 107 submissions in the application gallery here. will follow up with some of the winners as well.

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