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VON is seeking NGO Use Cases for Mobile App Development

Do you have a mobile technology solution that you would like to explore, but lack the technical expertise to do so? On October 29, the Innovation Track at the VON Conference in Boston, USA will convene a group of world-class programmers to develop a mobile solution for the NGO with the best idea.

The programming team will create an application using voice and text technologies to support the goals of the selected nonprofit or NGO. Areas for NGOs to consider include:

  • Alert and notification services (e.g., mobilizing volunteers via SMS to gather at a particular time and place)
  • Mobile data gathering (e.g., using mobile technology to record evaluation data/wildlife sightings)
  • Mobile persuasion (e.g., using mobile technology to influence attitudes and behaviors, for example, encouraging people to vote or donate to your cause)

NGOs/nonprofits from anywhere in the world are requested to submit a one page, or less, proposal including the following information:

  • A brief description of your organization, or website link, and the specific program that could benefit from an enhanced communications application.
  • A brief description of how you envision a communication application can improve your program.
  • A brief description of how you would go about measuring the outcome of using this communication application.
  • Organizational leadership contact information.

The deadline for proposals is October 20, 2007. Entries should be sent to: to: The NGO selected will be notified by October 27, 2007.

All work on the application will be done at no cost, with emphasis placed on developing low cost solutions. It will be up to the NGO selected to obtain funding to implement the solution provided.

For further information, contact: Patrick Murphy, will document the proceedings at the VOn Conference.