Clever Social Marketing/Mobile Campaign#1: Use Your Hyve to Save a Life - Social Network Fundraising with SMS

Posted by KatrinVerclas on Dec 19, 2007

Hyves, the 5-million-peope strong Dutch social network, has a clever HIV/AIDS awareness campaign, combining social network and viral marketing with mobile fundraising.

Use your Hyve to save a Life is a campaign from STOP AIDS NOW!. If you are in the Netherlands, you can send a text message to donate 1 Euro to the campaign.

Igor Beuker writes on his blog:

The viral mechanism of this campaign kicks in very smart. You can see the number of total Hyvers participating. But, you can also see how many many donations each participant has realized through his network. So if you participate through me, you get 2 unique words, that you will have to text to Dutch mobile short code 2020. Each person that donates through me, will make me move up one space in the list of donating social influentials.

You can easily pimp your Hyve with the STOP AIDS NOW! widget. Check my Hyve to see it in my gadgets. If you are Dutch and visit, don’t forget to donate one text message! And pimp your Hyve too.

With a Hyve action through a person's profile, a user gets a unique SMS code that tracks the SMS contributions. Contributions are mde via premium SMS - each SMS costs 1.50 Euro with a 1 Euro donation that goes to STOP AIDS! Contributions directly benefit an Aids education project in the Congo, according to the STOP AIDS! website. Check out the video, too!

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