US Mobile Activism Coming to Life

Posted by KatrinVerclas on Jan 11, 2007

In today's New York Times there is a full-page ad for Amnesty's Close Guantanamo campaign -- complete with a short code for a text-in campaign. Text believe to '30644; to opt in to the Amnesty campaign. This is the frst time that a major campaign is using a text component in their work  here in the US. Of course, it's par for the course elsewhere in the world, but organizations have been cuatious here for fear of annoying supporters, and unsure of the ROI of the investment.

Amnesty makes no reference of the SMS campaign in their campaign web site, unfortunately.  I just got my first message from Amnesty as I am writing this: "U joined Anmnesty's "I believe" campaign against U.S. torture. Reply with yr email 2 sign the petition."  A few things are wriong with this one: 1. What is with the txt jargon?  2. What petition -- do not assume I read the ad...remind me.  2. Why send my email?  I am on Amnesty's list already.  Does the campaign just want to grow the list? 

A better use of sms for this campaign would be to sign the petition VIA sms and show the responses in REAL TIME on an sms ticker on the Amnesty website - and in the next ad.  Make me participate and show me the power of the many responding -- but do not lure me into the organizational void of your database  by asking for my email.

Clearly, orgs need to learn a lot about texting campaigns to make using mobiles a smart (!!) and integrated piece of EVERY advaocacy campaign, not an hastily added and not very well integrated add-on. 

The Amnesty campaign is powered by Working Assets and PoliTxt, a New York based platform provider to nonprofits. 

On that note, Working Asset's  Mobile Action is interesting as well. I opted in but so far nothing in return. I am having dinner wth the Working Assets folks tomorrow, so will learn more there. 

We'll be releasing the next MobileActive guide on mobile campaigns focusing on best practices in advocacy campaigns next week so stay tuned for some ideas on how it's done... 





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