Betavine Urban Security Challenge

Posted by SteveWolak on Dec 21, 2009

The Betavine Social Exchange project has taken a step foward today by launching the "Chembe Challenge".  The winner will receive a US $5,000 prize and the chance of a further US $5,000 to deploy the solution in the local market.

The Chembe Challenge is all about finding mobile solutions to personal security concerns in urban areas of Africa.  The challenge is hosted on the Betavine Social Exchange and anyone can propose a solution but Chembe require that a local partner is engaged in the solution from Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa or Tanzania. 

The Betavine Social Exchange seeks to bring together people in the community with ICT challenges and mobile developers or local entrepreneurs that can help solve those challenges.  It is important that the solutions have a local link and the way to deploy the solution locally is clear and planned.

As as example of the urban security concerns, the people of Alexandra have spoken to Hillside Digital about their concerns on youtube - Alexandra video

We look forward to seeing some innovative mobile solutions and supporting local entrepreneurs in creating sustainable businesses.


Betavine Social Exchange
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