Swing Over to the Mobile Media Toolkit

Posted by MelissaUlbricht on Oct 21, 2011

The Mobile Media Toolkit is a new resource site with lots of content about how mobile tech can be used for reporting, news broadcasting, and citizen media.

The Toolkit content is available in English, Spanish, Arabic, and we are translating into Russian as well. We've been adding lots of helpful new content since our launch a few months ago. Here is a sampling: 

NEW How-To Guides:  The latest is on how to use Bambuzer to live stream content and engage with audiences. Michelle Li of WECT tells us how her newsroom uses Bambuser to share live video and engage with viewers. (And lets us in on what news anchors talk about, off-camera.) Check out the complete guide here.

NEW Case studies, for instance on how to use SMS and radio to engage with listeners in Uganda. No Internet? No problem. Using a new tool called TRAC FM, stations are able to poll listeners via SMS and share the results over the radio. Read the full case study here.

TIPS for the Mobile Journalist, (aka MoJo) such as this video on how to shoot and transfer content from a mobile phone to a tablet using basic hardware and software. For more, check out the Toolkit section on Creating Content (and getting it off) your mobile phone.

Your Smartphone is Now a Mobile News Studio

Posted by PrabhasPokharel on Aug 14, 2010
Your Smartphone is Now a Mobile News Studio data sheet 2583 Views
Tiffany Campbell
Publication Date: 
Jan 2010
Publication Type: 

Mobile phones have become a critical mobile news reporting tool. They can be a very effective way to produce content and transmit that content back to the studio very cheaply. The presentation presents real world examples of how mobile phones have been used in reporting contexts to great effect, tools that can help reporters do this reporting, and things to keep in mind (such as battery levels). The presentation also includes the author's recommendations for the best apps for mobile journalism.

Engineering Rural Development

Posted by MohiniBhavsar on Jul 02, 2010
Engineering Rural Development data sheet 2778 Views
Parikh, Tapan S.
Publication Date: 
Jan 2009
Publication Type: 
Journal article

Presented here is an overview of the operational needs of NGOs and CBOs and the role information systems can play to increase their accountability and efficiency. Information systems need to fit the diverse operational needs of NGOs and CBOs, which include coordinating activities, training and monitoring staff, documenting results, accounting, reporting, decision making and learning, acquiring external information and encouraging community participation.

Unfortunately, there are gaps in information systems that impede the ability of NGOs to embrace ICT. To name a few, the lack of open, accessible, cross-platform mobile development tools, limited opportunities and resources provided to local small software companies to engage with NGOs, and the lack of long distance networking technologies to reach remote locations.

Two examples of technologies that were applied successfully are shared: Self Help MIS, an application to monitor activities of small microfinance organizations and credit groups and DigitalICS, an application for data collection used by agricultural cooperatives.  The author stresses that ICTs should be viewed as a tool to allow local change agents to be more effective and accountable and shows how computing is able to support local organizations by inspiring innovation, implementation and dissemination of projects, and measuring impact.


Posted by AnneryanHeatwole on Aug 25, 2009
gReporter data sheet 4428 Views
Organization that developed the Tool: 
Main Contact: 
Nathan Freitas
Problem or Need: 

Reporters need to travel lightly, stay connected to sources and editors, and stay aware of their surroundings. gReporter allows reporters to upload content with GPS information attached. 

Main Contact Email : 
Brief Description: 

gReporter provides a single, clean app for capturing photos, audio and text reports, connecting GPS coordinates with this data, and sending it to a server using a Google Android phone.

Tool Category: 
Runs on a mobile phone
Key Features : 
  • Takes photos and uploads them with GPS coordinates
  • Records audio and uploads it with GPS coordinates
  • Captures short text reports
Main Services: 
Voting, Data Collection, Surveys, and Polling
Tool Maturity: 
Currently deployed
Current Version: 
Program/Code Language: 
Organizations Using the Tool: 
  • TechPresident
  • NPR
  • CBS News
Number of Current End Users: 
Number of current beneficiaries: 
Under 100
Languages supported: 
Is the Tool's Code Available?: 
Is an API available to interface with your tool?: 
Global Regions: 

Citizen journalism in the news

Posted by kiwanja on Aug 17, 2006

Citizen journalism has been hitting the news lately, accelerated by the use of mobiles and blogging during the latest events in the Middle East. Something which has been around for some time is starting to become more and more mainstream by the day. Sadly, most seems to be centred around world trouble spots, but therein lies it's strength.