UK campaign

Save the Seals: SMS "Ban It"

Posted by justinoberman on Mar 28, 2006

sealtxt Who would not want to save this guy?

As the seal hunting season opens, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) is launching a major campaign at and on cell phones all across the UK.

Starting yesterday, IFAW launched advertisements, like the one showed above, in the Sunday Mirror and has already received well over 10, 000 responses which, according to Jed Alpert, CEO of Politxt (the political arm of his Rights-Group media) the company responsible for the back end technology of the campaign, is a very sizeable response rate for a newspaper ad. IFAW will be displaying the add in various UK newspapers throughout the week and will be putting them up in the London tube some time in early April.  In the UK, send the text message "Ban It" to the short code 60123.

More on the story is at Personal Democracy.