Betavine Social Exchange

Posted by SteveWolak on Nov 05, 2009
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Stephen Wolak
Problem or Need: 

Betavine Social Exchange meets the needs of NGOs with ICT requirements.

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Brief Description: 

Betavine Social Exchange brings together NGOs and other community organisations with mobile phone developers and support partners.


Tool Category: 
Is a web-based application/web service
Key Features : 
  • Challenges posted by NGOs and community organisations.
  • Solutions developed by mobile developers.
  • Support provided by support partners.
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Currently deployed
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Organizations Using the Tool: 

See www.betavine.net

Number of Current End Users: 
Under 100
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Under 100
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In the Elevator with Operators: How to Pitch New Service Ideas to Mobile Companies

Posted by sharakarasic on Nov 19, 2008

On day two of the MobileActive ’08 conference in Johannesburg, I attended a session entitled "In the Elevator With Operators: How to Pitch New Service Ideas to Mobile Companies” that focused on how to pitch mobile development projects that present both a social and a business opportunity. It was moderated by Jesse Moore of the GSMA Development Fund, and panelists were Pieter Verkade, the CMO of MTN South Africa, and Vuyani Jurana, executive director at Vodacom SA.

At some point, people with new mobile ideas in the development field need to get mobile operators involved so services can scale from small pilot projects to sustainable efforts that service many more people. As Moore said: “If you’re losing money, scale is your enemy. If you’re making money, scale is your friend.”