viral mobile campaign

Free Women: Human Rights via MMS for International Women's Day

Posted by CorinneRamey on Mar 08, 2008

This video about women's rights is one of three mobile phone videos made by Egyptian artist Ahmad Sherif, designed to be spread virally on mobile phones.

The text, translated into English, says

Muslim? Great. Christian? Perfect. Jewish? Shalom. Veil? Why not. Niqab? Be my guest. No Niqab? Your choice. Atheist? Whatever. You're ready to die for God? It's your life. You would die for Adel Imam? Who wouldn't...


SMS marketing -- Txt for the early bird?

Posted by KatrinVerclas on May 09, 2007

Nonprofits the world over are trying to tackle sms marketing.  Whether it's list building, earned media, or fundraising, text messaging or sms is all the rage.