Designing with Mobile Digital Storytelling in Rural Africa

Posted by kelechiea on Jun 28, 2011
Designing with Mobile Digital Storytelling in Rural Africa data sheet 1982 Views
Nicola J Bidwell, Thomas Reitmaier, Gary Marsden, Susan Hansen
Publication Date: 
Apr 2010
Publication Type: 
Report/White paper

We reflect on activities to design a mobile application to enable rural people in South Africa’s Eastern Cape to record and share their stories, which have implications for ‘cross-cultural design,’ and the wider use of stories in design. We based our initial concept for generating stories with audio and photos on cell-phones on a scenario informed by abstracting from digital storytelling projects globally and our personal experience. But insights from ethnography, and technology experiments involving storytelling, in a rural village led us to query our grounding assumptions and usability criteria.

So, we implemented a method using cell-phones to localise storytelling, involve rural users and probe ways to incorporate visual and audio media. Products from this method helped us to generate design ideas for our current prototype which offers great flexibility. Thus we present a new way to depict stories digitally and a process for improving such software.