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The Promise of Ubiquity as a Media Platform in the Global South

Posted by LeighJaschke on Jul 15, 2009
The Promise of Ubiquity as a Media Platform in the Global South data sheet 3791 Views
West, John
Publication Date: 
Jan 2008
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Report/White paper

Mobile telephony will be the world’s first ubiquitous communications platform and
is getting there faster than anyone expected. Its major path of growth is now in the
global South where the mobile is not just a phone but a global address, a transaction
device, and an identity marker for hundreds of millions of poor people. is holds
unprecedented opportunity for media in developing countries to engage their core
audiences more deeply, reach new audiences on the edge of their current footprint,
and provide interactive and customised information services that are both profitable
and life-improving. But the opportunity is also a threat to traditional media, just
as the Internet has been – and on a larger scale in developing countries. If media
don’t address the mobile as a viable information platform others will, and within the
space of a few years media players there will have lost a large measure of their market
share, ‘mind share’, and standing in society at large.