Consultation Paper on Certain Issues Relating to Telecom Tariffs

Posted by MarkWeingarten on Jan 14, 2011
Consultation Paper on Certain Issues Relating to Telecom Tariffs data sheet 1200 Views
Bhawan, Mahanagar Doorsanchar
Publication Date: 
Oct 2010
Publication Type: 
Report/White paper

Service providers periodically publish different tariff offers with the objective of both customer acquisition and customer retention. Transparency in the provision of telecommunication services and tariff offers has always been and continues to be of prime concern to the Authority. TRAI has in the past taken several steps to enhance transparency in tariff offers. The Authority, however, is receiving several complaints and representations from consumers and their representatives seeking further effective transparency measures. In view of the increased competition as well as the spread of telecom activity to rural areas, the relevance of having a more transparent regime for tariff offerings cannot be overemphasised. At the same time, service providers and their associations have also raised certain concerns. This consultation paper brings out various issues that have a bearing on telecom tariff offers.