Mobile Security Risks: A Primer for Activists, Journalists and Rights Defenders

Posted by SaferMobile on May 11, 2011
Mobile Security Risks: A Primer for Activists, Journalists and Rights Defenders data sheet 28748 Views

A primer on mobile security risks for activists, rights defenders, and journalists. includes tips on how to protect yourself. 


Activists, rights defenders, and journalists use mobile devices and communications for reporting, organizing, mobilizing, and documenting.  Mobiles provide countless benefits -- relatively low cost, increased efficiencies, vast reach -- but they also present specific risks to rights defenders and activists.  

Additionally, information about other mobile uses, such as your photos or video, your data, the Internet sites you visit from your phone, and your physical location, are stored on your device and often logged by your mobile network. (The above graphic shows a schematic overview of the layers of the mobile networks to give you sense of the different elements that make up communications between two phones.)How much is this putting you at risk?  This Overview will help you evaluate your level of risk in regard to your mobile communications.

New Versions of Useful Tools: Freedom Fone and Orbot

Posted by KatrinVerclas on Apr 21, 2010

Two mobile tools that we have been watching with interest have new versions out and available for public beta and testing. 

Freedom Fone

Freedom Fone, developed by Kubatana in Zimbabwe, is an interactive voice response system that allows callers to access audio information on their mobile phones. It is aimed at organizations who want to set interactive up audio news services for their audiences. Freedom Fone is now out in version 1.5 and available for public testing and use. 

While there are many such interactive voice systems (Asterisk is the most well-known open source VOIP platform, with many commercial, open source versions such as Trixbox using Asterisk), Freedom Fone is focused on an NGO audience with easy install and setup that minimizes the need for technical expertise. 

New Versions of Useful Tools: Freedom Fone and Orbot data sheet 4344 Views
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Mobile Surveillance and How to Avoid it: A new primer from

Posted by KatrinVerclas on Nov 11, 2008

In our ongoing and ever-expanding series of how-to resources for NGOs and grassroots organizations using mobile technology in their work, we are releasing a new primer on "Mobile Surveillance."  Our reviewer, Melissa Loudon, gives an overview of mobile surveillance risks and tips and tools on how to prevent surveillance for secure communications.