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How to Write Great Copy in 160 Characters

Posted by admin on May 01, 2009
How to Write Great Copy in 160 Characters data sheet 8815 Views
A quick guide on writing effective text messages in persuasion and advocacy campaigns.

Be clear about your goals

In order to write effective copy for your text message campaign, keep two goals in mind that all social marketing messaging should achieve to be successful:

  • It should generate more new supporters or constituents in new areas or
  • It should generate more activities (actions, donations, etc) from existing supporters

Messages are determined by the goal that you want to achieve. For example, you'd communicate differently if you want to generate new supporters than if you'd want to stimulate a specific activity, such as making a phone call or a donation.

Trying to accomplish both goals in your message is hard and may make the point blur.

So, it's important that you articulate the goal of the mobile campaign clearly before writing any messages.

Strategic Considerations

Before designing a mobile social marketing campaign using SMS, consider: