Mobile Media Toolkit Screencast: How To Mobile-Optimize a Wordpress Blog

Posted by PrabhasPokharel on Jul 29, 2010

As a part of the Mobile Media Toolkit, we are producing how-to screencasts that show how to use various mobile tools that have to do with the production and dissemination of content and media.

I argued recently that content publishers should publish for the mobile web rather than build more apps. So it only felt appropriate to do a how-to screencast on how to actually produce content for the mobile web. One way is to use the polular and open source blogging software Wordpress as the back-end of the website, and optimize it so the front end is suitable for mobile viewing. We help viewers go through this process in a brief how-to screencast. See it below or click through to the How To article.

Mobile Media Toolkit Screencast: Mobile Optimize your Wordpress-based Website from on Vimeo.