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Rede Jovem: Wikimapa

Posted by CorinneRamey on Nov 07, 2009
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In the favelas, or slums, of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, unnamed streets meander through the hillsides. There are hospitals, coffee shops and restaurants, none of which appear on a map, and mail carriers struggle to get letters to homes without addresses.

A new project by Rede Jovem, a Brazilian nonprofit that loosely translates to "Youth Net," seeks to change that.  With the help of five young "wiki-reporters" and GPS-equipped mobile phones, the nonprofit is building a map of five Brazilian favelas: Complexo do Alemão, Cidade de Deus, Morro do Pavão-Pavãozinho, Morro Santa Marta and Complexo da Maré.  By uploading information to the phones, the reporters are mapping the unmapped, one road and cafe at a time.

Organization involved in the project?: 
Project goals: 

The project seeks to map low-income areas surrounding Rio de Janeiro.

Brief description of the project: 

This project uses citizen reporters to map favelas in Rio de Janeiro.

Target audience: 

The current reporters are between the ages of 17 and 25, and the maps are aimed at anyone who lives in the five favelas.

Length of Project (in months) : 
What worked well? : 

Using the N95s has worked well.  The phones have good photos and video, and Santos said that the reporters have been able to successfully upload content to the maps directly from their phones.  Having female reporters has also worked, and shopkeepers or others being mapped have been receptive to requests for information.

What did not work? What were the challenges?: 

The most challenging part of the project was developing the mobile application.  The organization is still working to develop versions for other operating systems.  Having a long-term, sustainable budget is also challenging.  The project was unsuccessful in getting grants from Nokia -- they bought the phones themselves -- and currently doesn't have any money to sustain the project beyond December.  Because the project doesn't actually make money, they are dependent on grants and its unlikely to be scalable or sustainable.

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Rio de Janeiro

0800 Rede Jovem: SMS with opportunities for young people

Posted by KatrinVerclas on Nov 22, 2008

Local information and media is one of the areas where mobiles can be an ideal delivery vehicle.  Rede Jovem, a Brazilian NGO created 0800 Rede Jovem, or Mobile YouthNet, a project that reaches young people through SMS on their mobile phones with local opportunities and information about what is going on in their communities. Soledad Muniz talked with Alice Gismonti from Rede Jovem about the SMS project.