Camera Phone Images, Videos, Live Streaming: A Contemporary Visual Trend

Posted by MohiniBhavsar on Jul 09, 2010
Camera Phone Images, Videos, Live Streaming: A Contemporary Visual Trend data sheet 2216 Views
Gaby David
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Journal article
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Mar 2010

Writing for a new media review is like writing history as events unfold. In a short time, this article will be out of date and perhaps no more than a few personal 2.0 snapshots taken of a slice of our lives circa 2009. Nevertheless, it is useful to draw a clear picture of how this medium is being used today, to define some of its emerging social properties, and to document and pay closer attention to its influence on our daily experiences and self-mediations. By self-mediations I refer to how each one of us decides his or her digital imprint: what we post online, whether they are videos, photographs, CVs, and the like. Due to the enormous quantity of content produced by users – now usually called prosumers – we should pay close attention to these

My focus will be on how camera phones affect how news is created and shared, reminding us of how closely the concept of ‘newsworthiness’ is linked to immediacy. Then I will briefly compare the camera phone video experience to the cinematic experience and discuss how film narrative and conventions have affected camera use for better or for worse. Finally, I will pose some open questions that touch on the academic and social value of the camera phone images, and on how contextualising them remains a crucial ingredient in all analysis. I will conclude by considering the visual impact that this handheld object is having on our lives and relationships.


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Ramu Sunkara
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Qik recognizes that providing the fastest, best quality, most reliable video from cell phones requires an approach that can efficiently adapt to various device, network and environmental conditions. Qik eliminates the need for high-end video cameras, and provides instant sharing without uploads.

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With Qik you can stream engaging video live from your phone to the world or use your phone like a camcorder to capture entertaining, interesting and special moments. Go live with your life by streaming anytime, anywhere—right from your phone. Qik is a little piece of software that lets you stream video live from your cell phone to the web, where your audience can chat back in real time to your device's screen while you broadcast. With Qik, you can share with anyone and everyone what's going on anywhere and everywhere you go.

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App resides and runs on a server
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  • Instant streaming video 
  • Real-time interaction


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Multi-Media Messaging (MMS) or other Multi-Media
Mobile Social Network/Peer-to-peer
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Currently deployed
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Webby Award: Best Use of Mobile Phone http://www.webbyawards.com/webbys/current.php?media_id=127&season=13#Best%20Use%20of%20Mobile%20Video PC World: Listed in 10 Web Sites that Will Matter in 2009 http://www.pcworld.com/article/158049/10_web_sites_that_will_matter_in_2009.html
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Streaming Video From Your Mobile: When the Mobile Becomes a Television

Posted by admin on Mar 24, 2008

Streaming video from your mobile almost feels like magic. A video taken on your mobile phone appears, in real time, on the web and even allows users to interact with the mobile phone user through real-time chat functions. "It's immediate, it's there, and it's one click away," Flixwagon CEO Eran Hess told the BBC in a recent video interview. "It's very easy to do."

MobileActive tested two streaming video applications, Qik and Flixwagon, to see how they measured up for use by nonprofits and advocacy organizations that want to document and feature video content in real time. Lastly, we discuss how streaming video can be used for social impact.