10 Nights, 10 Cities -- Txtual Healing for Obama

Posted by KatrinVerclas on Oct 27, 2008

I have long been a great fan of Paul Notzold, the ingenious SMS graffiti artist and inventor of Txtual Healing.  He is embarking on a 10-night tour through key states in America, projecting interactive displays where bystanders can text in why they are voting for Obama.  Paul is famous for his interactive and whimsical SMS displays.

He describes how it works: "The simple explanation is that it’s a cellphone paired to a mac using proprietary software, custom scripting and graphics, and then the results are displayed through a projector connected to the computer. The whole system is mobile and with the right projector/beamer, quite bright."

The tour will lead him through so-called battleground states that are contested for the presidential vote:  Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  If you are in any of the states, go visit with him and text in why you are voting for Obama!

Photo courtesy Paul Notzold, Textual Healing

The Obama Campaign Vice Presidential Pick: Mass Texts And Why It Did Not Quite Work

Posted by KatrinVerclas on Aug 24, 2008

The idea was clever:  Promise political supporters first dibs  of hard-hitting news delivered via SMS. Presidential candidate Barack Obama's much-anticipated vice-presidential pick was supposed to be sent to his supporters via text message and email first - notifying people who had signed up with the campaign before the media, before anyone else.  The buzz was on, and even though numbers are not released by the campaign, it is estimated that the campaign has now a list of about 1 million mobiles numbers when more and more people signed up to be the first to know who the campaign had picked as VP. 

The US Election '08: How Are The Candidates Going Mobile?

Posted by KatrinVerclas on Jan 18, 2008

Political ringtones, wallpapers, and SMS election updates are part and parcel of election campaigns in countries around the world -- from Spain to Kenya to the Phillipines, from Argentina to the Ukraine. It is has taken until this year's presidential election, however, for political contenders the United States to catch up.

image of cellphone