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How Mobile Apps Are Shaking Up East Africa

Posted by MohiniBhavsar on Aug 03, 2010

The Swedish International Development and Cooperation Agency (Sida) recently published a report, The Innovative Use of Mobile Applications in East Africa, that provides an overview of the current state of mobile phone applications for social and economic developments in East Africa. The report seeks to answer “what hinders the take-off of m-applications for development in East Africa" and asks what role donors should play.

While mobile phones are the main channel for information in East Africa, with mobile penetration covering over 40% of the population, sustainable, scalable mobile services for social and economic development are limited. The report is supported by secondary data, statistics, and field work carried out in Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania, along with numerous interviews, meetings and discussions with key stakeholders in East Africa. Major trends in mobile usage, barriers for increased use of m-applications, as well as opportunities for scaling are discussed.

Barriers: High Cost of Ownership.

How Mobile Apps Are Shaking Up East Africa data sheet 7044 Views
Countries: Kenya Rwanda Tanzania Uganda

Counting Mobile Phones, SIM Cards and Customers

Posted by MohiniBhavsar on Jun 29, 2010
Counting Mobile Phones, SIM Cards and Customers data sheet 2116 Views
Sutherland, Ewan
Publication Date: 
Apr 2008
Publication Type: 
Report/White paper

The GMSA reports that the mobile subscriptions worldwide is at 3 billion (2008) with 270 million subscriptions in Africa at the end of 2007. This policy paper considers the challenges faced by public policy makers in understanding the true number of individuals with mobile access.  There are many reasons why customers might have more than one phone, phone number or SIM card, which results in the double-counting of customers. As a result, it is difficult to assume that the number telephone numbers or SIM cards translates into individual customers. The author discusses the issue of ambiguity in the estimates of mobile teledensity as an indicator for the MDGs and the subsequent challenge for public policy makers in interpreting the large numbers and how they reflect the reality of their countries, cities, towns and villages. Case studies in Bulgaria and South Africa are presented.


ITU Predicts 4 Billion Mobile Subscriptions at the End of 2008

Posted by KatrinVerclas on Sep 26, 2008

ITU Secretary-General Hamadoun Touré announced in New York that worldwide mobile subscribers are likely to reach the 4 billion mark before the end of this year. Touré was speaking in New York where he attended the UN Private Sector Forums addressing the global food crisis and the role of technological innovation in meeting the Millennium Development Goals.