Posted by evoltech on Aug 27, 2010
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During mobilizations or small protests there is often a hostile environment for protestors.  Spread out over the distance of a city there is a lot of information circulating, with no decent way to verify or customize the delivery of that information to individuals with specific requests.

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The Tapatio software, along with a general communications infrastructure and team, are able to receive, verify, and dispatch information tailored to the interests of activists in the streets to their mobile phones via SMS.

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Is a web-based application/web service
Key Features : 

The following features are all provided by the tapatio software which is a module of the Drupal web platform.  As such all of the features of a Drupal system are also available to operators of a Tapatio system.

* Operators, users with access to the Drupal system, associate twitter accounts with organic groups. All tweets from followers of those accounts will automatically get pulled into the drupal system as nodes.

* Communications moderation
Operators will then add and moderate posts, voting on them (automatically dispatching at a configureable value), specifying priority levels, associating with other groups (twitter accounts), marking as a duplicate of another post, and dispatching.

* Detailed search / display interface
Operators also have the abilty of searching for nodes by minutes since last recieved, wether or not the node has been dispatched, the current vote level, and wether or not the node has been prioritized.

* SMS Dispatching through twitter
After a operator deems that a node is valid (ie. it has been verified by an alternate source, it has been assigned a SMS message, and it has been associated with a group) he or she can dispatch it. This is essentially posting the sms message of the node as a tweet for each twitter account (group) that is associated with the node.

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Bulk SMS
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Currently deployed
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All phones -- SMS
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March-Hare :

Hackbloc :

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Under 100
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English, Drupal base has many translations, but the tapatio mdule still needs translations
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All SMS capable phones.
There are a few case studies available from the March-Hare communications collective here:,
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