Nokia Data Gathering is Now Open Source

Posted by PrabhasPokharel on Aug 10, 2010

Nokia Data Gathering, a Nokia-built software tool for mobile data collection, recently open-sourced its code. The software has two parts: a server-side tool that can be used to create forms and maintain a database, and a handset client for field workers to use for mobile, in-the-field data collection. Both pieces are licensed under the GPL version 2. The project site is available at Forum Nokia, and invites third-party patches.

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Posted by oli on Aug 27, 2009
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Problem or Need: 

Encryted and secure SMS for situations where that is warranted.

Main Contact Email : 
Brief Description: 

Cryptosms provides sms encryption for mobile phones running j2me. It is open source and under GPL license. It uses a public/private key scheme. See cryptosms.org for more details and a list of supported devices.

Tool Category: 
Runs on a mobile phone
Key Features : 

Public/private key pair encryption of sms, exchange of keys, key verification via fingerprint, completely separate from the normal sms programme, no interference with normal phone operations, all data (keys, received sms, addressbook) is in a crypto container secured with a passphrase...

Main Services: 
Stand-alone Application
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Under development/pre-launch
Java ME
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Languages supported: 
English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Slovenian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Polish, ...
Handsets/devices supported: 
See http://cryptosms.org/devices.html
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Is an API available to interface with your tool?: