15 Years Later, Still No Sexual Health Services, And a Mobile Petition

Posted by CorinneRamey on Oct 03, 2009

For the International Planned Parenthood Federation, the number 15 just made sense.  It is now 15 years since the Cairo International Conference on Population and Development, when 179 governments agreed on a yet-unfulfilled plan to provide universal sexual health services by the year 2015.  With the children born the year of the conference now 15 years old, the foundation felt it was time to act.

So the campaign 15andcounting was born. The campaign aims to engage young people in sexual health advocacy, mainly by having them sign a petition and complete a survey accessible both on the web and on a mobile WAP site. The petition will be presented to the United Nations in mid-October.

"They need access to condoms and high quality information, and all these services that were talked about in 1994," said Chris Wells, creative design director of the International Planned Parenthood Foundation, of the 15-year-olds born the year of the conference.