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ACS CAN for iPhone

Posted by ckmasak on Sep 01, 2010

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In the pursuit of legislation that will increase funding for cancer research and provide greater access to cancer treatments, advocates for cancer issues need the latest news and updates to be easily accessible.

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This application allows advocates for cancer issues to access action-taking tools (petitions, new volunteer sign-ups) and news on their mobile devices

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Is a web-based application/web service
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  • Enables volunteer recruitment via mobile phone.
  • Provides list of advocacy-related events and news
  • Links to mobile content from the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network
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2010-09-01 00:00
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American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network

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America: Public Radio's Dash into the Mobile World

Posted by PrabhasPokharel on Aug 17, 2009

As we explore the role of mobile media for the Mobile Media Toolkit project, we are delighted at the coverage on National Public Radio's mobile section on its "Inside NPR" blog. NPR, a public radio conglomerate in the United States, has made some forays into the mobile world, mostly with its applications on smartphones.

First, it released an API that let users develop applications that could access NPR recordings going back thirteen years. Then, it released a very-polished looking iPhone application, and also plans to develop an application for the Symbian platform.  NPR has also blogged about the details of the process of creating the iPhone application that should be helpful to other media producers doing the same.