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Organization that developed the Tool: 
Main Contact: 
Lydia Leavitt
Problem or Need: 

Streaming live video from mobile phones eliminates the need for heavy camera equipment and slow video uploads, making sharing experiences instant and easy.

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Brief Description: 

Flixwagon is a mobile phone and web application that allows users to broadcast and share live videos from their mobile phones to the internet.  Viewers can search, view, and share live broadcasts and stored videos in almost any category including sports, travel, news, personal, etc. Broadcasters can manage their stored videos and share them with others.

Tool Category: 
App resides and runs on a server
Key Features : 


  • Live commenting
  • Ability to stream directly to a personal website


Main Services: 
Mobile Social Network/Peer-to-peer
Tool Maturity: 
Currently deployed
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Support Forums: 
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Handsets/devices supported: 
Nokia Series 60 3rd edition
TechCrunch: http://www.techcrunch.com/2007/12/18/flixwagon-jumps-on-the-live-mobile-video-bandwagon/
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Streaming Video From Your Mobile: When the Mobile Becomes a Television

Posted by admin on Mar 24, 2008

Streaming video from your mobile almost feels like magic. A video taken on your mobile phone appears, in real time, on the web and even allows users to interact with the mobile phone user through real-time chat functions. "It's immediate, it's there, and it's one click away," Flixwagon CEO Eran Hess told the BBC in a recent video interview. "It's very easy to do."

MobileActive tested two streaming video applications, Qik and Flixwagon, to see how they measured up for use by nonprofits and advocacy organizations that want to document and feature video content in real time. Lastly, we discuss how streaming video can be used for social impact.