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DEWN (Disaster Emergency Warning Network)

Posted by AnneryanHeatwole on Aug 28, 2009
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Organization that developed the Tool: 
Main Contact: 
Sameera Wijerathna
Problem or Need: 

During disasters, there is a need for quick, effective communication between those in charge and the general public; early warning alerts can make the difference between life or death during emergencies.

Main Contact Email : 
Brief Description: 

DEWN uses widely available mobile communication technologies such as short messages (SMS) and cell broadcast (CB) to create a cost-effective and reliable mass alert system. The network connects mobile subscribers, police stations, religious/social community centers and the general public to a national emergency alert center.

Tool Category: 
App resides and runs on a server
Key Features : 
  • Application can be triggered by an SMS
  • Messages can be received by either a mobile phone or a special purpose wireless alerting device.
Main Services: 
Bulk SMS
USSD Services
Tool Maturity: 
Currently deployed
Current Version: 
Program/Code Language: 
Organizations Using the Tool: 
  • Disaster Management Centre of Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lankan Fire Brigade
Number of Current End Users: 
Number of current beneficiaries: 
Over 100,000
Languages supported: 
English, Sinhalese
Handsets/devices supported: 
JAVA/Symbian compatible phones.
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