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How Long Have U Been Using? Drug Counselling on MXit in South Africa

Posted by KatrinVerclas on Jul 27, 2009

MXit is a mobile social networking service hugely popular with young South Africans who flock to it by the millions.  Marlon Parker is a social entrepreneur and lecturer at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology where he’s doing his PhD who saw his drug-addicted brother go to jail. Put Marlon's personal experience together with the conversations happening on MXit every day, and you have DAS, Drug Advice Support.

In an article in South Africa's Business Times recently, Parker describes DAS:

Drug users can “chat” with the services’ counsellors when they feel the urge to use, says Parker. It is the first step in a rehabilitation programme run with nongovernmental organisation Impact Direct. The service, which is called Drug Advice Support, has since expanded to include advice on careers, rape and child abuse and an advisory service for those infected with HIV/Aids.