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Safer Twitter

Posted by SaferMobile on Jun 17, 2011
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Melissa Loudon

This article contains information to help you understand and mitigate mobile security risks related to Twitter. As always, remember that risks are context-specific, and depend on the environment you work in as well as whether you are communicating sensitive information. For more information on risk assessment, please review the Guide to Mobile Security Risk Assessment.

Twitter is a way to get your messages to a wider audience.  However, you should know that from any platform (computer or mobile phone), it is not a secure method of communicating sensitive information. Consider the following guidelines: 

  • Your Tweets should only contain information you want to widely and publicly share. This should be public information that can be freely distributed by you, your organization, and your supporters, without any risk to individuals or organizational operations.
  • Even if you protect your tweets so that only followers can see them, followers can easily retweet your messages, or access them over an insecure connection.