SMS Engagement in Pakistan: A Practical Guide for Civil Society, the Humanitarian Sector, and Government

Posted by EKStallings on Dec 19, 2011
SMS Engagement in Pakistan: A Practical Guide for Civil Society, the Humanitarian Sector, and Government data sheet 2471 Views
Linton Williams, Jim, Alex Gilchrist
Publication Date: 
Jun 2011
Publication Type: 
Report/White paper

Mobile phones are approaching ubiquity in Pakistan. Allowing low cost access to community members across class, linguistic and geographical boundaries,  the mobile phone can be an effective tool to communicate with ordinary people in Pakistan, as well as to learn from them, and even collaborate with them. This guide provides a research-driven and practical guide for using SMS  to  do  so.  It  is  intended  for  both  Pakistani  and international institutions, whether in government, civil society or the humanitarian sector. It represents the findings of its authors only, and, it is hoped, is the first draft of a collaborative document, to which many of its readers might contribute.

This document is intended to provide an understanding both of the range of technical options available for SMS-based communications, and of the ways  in  which  campaigns should be conceived and executed in light of the scope and character of both SMS use and phone use in Pakistan.

It also makes the argument that SMS provides an opportunity to do more with mobilebased communications than simple announcements and polling, useful activities though they are. It argues that the conversational nature of SMS, in Pakistan and elsewhere, allows 



Coming Together: New Media, Mobiles & Citizen Diplomacy

Posted by anoushrima on Nov 16, 2010

This week, the US Center on Citizen Diplomacy is hosting the U.S. Summit for Global Citizen Diplomacy in Washington, DC. in partnership with over 1,000 NGOs conducting citizen diplomacy activities. MobileActive.org is participating in a roundtable discussion on the Role of New Media in Advancing Citizen Diplomacy. The panel will address both policy recommendations and recommended tools for facilitating the use of new media in citizen diplomacy. A live webcast of selected Summit sessions will be available here beginning Wednesday.