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Future of Media Report

Posted by LeighJaschke on Jul 15, 2009
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Publication Date: 
Jul 2008
Publication Type: 
Report/White paper

We are entering the media economy. The
traditional boundaries of the media and
entertainment industry have become
meaningless. Today almost every
business and social activity is a form
of media. An increasing proportion of
our social interactions happen across
media channels. Every organization is
now a media entity, engaged in creating
and disseminating messages among its
staff, customers, and partners to achieve
business objectives. As the physical economy
becomes marginalized and economic value
becomes centered on the virtual, media
encompasses almost everything.
At the same time, many media organizations are experiencing
severe challenges, as content proliferates, audiences change
behaviors, advertising revenue erodes, and new competitors
emerge. Others are prospering as they tap swiftly growing
sectors, leverage amateur content creation, tap the power of
social networks, and scale production costs. Meanwhile adjacent
industries such as telecom, financial services, mobile phones,
consumer electronics, professional services, and even automobile
are becoming media participants. This year's Report contents include:
* Growth Forecasts for the Global Media Market
* Seven Driving Forces Shaping Media
* Future of the Media Lifecycle
* Future of Media: Strategy Tools
* Media Snippets