Comparing Mobile Data Collection Tools

Posted by NateBarthel on Dec 03, 2010

We recently developed a comparison of mobile data collection tools. Thank you to all of you who provided valuable feedback. Here's what's been added and changed from the draft version:

  • We added two tools: GeoChat and GATHERdata.
  • Added FrontlineForms to the FrontlineSMS description.
  • Three fields have been added to all tools: form question and logic overview, native data analysis/reports, and data export.
  • Integrated comments on existing material into the spreadsheet.

We'll add and revise tools regularly. Please comment and tell us what's missing! 


The matrix is aimed at program managers, or those in similar roles, whose responsibility it is to choose the best mobile data collection technology for their project.

Comparing Mobile Data Collection Tools

Posted by NateBarthel on Nov 04, 2010

There are a myriad of mobile data collection tools, and varied documentation describing what they do, what they require, and how they work. Given these choices, choosing a particular system can be a daunting task.  

We recognize this challenge and have developed a DRAFT matrix assessing ten different mobile data collection technologies against a core set of metrics. It does not seek to emphasis one over the other, rather is meant to aid you in determining which is best for your project.  Please take a look at this draft and annotate and edit, as appropriate. Given the quick changes in this area, this is a work in progress.

Thank you to my colleague at, Mohini Bhavsar, whoe helped compile the data, and the many people who made themselves available to vet the data in the spreadsheet.