Minerva Mobile

Posted by AnneryanHeatwole on Aug 31, 2009
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Main Contact: 
Patrick Durbano
Problem or Need: 

Enables mobile commerce within the Canadian not-for-profit community regardless of the wireless carrier the donor uses. Also provides Canadian non-profits with an inexpensive way to communicate with their donors in a "green" paperless format.

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Enables Canadian charities to receive and process donations over any mobile device, sign up for scheduled communications, and build an SMS database of donors.

Tool Category: 
Is a web-based application/web service
Key Features : 


  • Uses the memorable short code PLEDGE (753343)
  • Processes any level of credit card donation
  • Promotes paperless communication


Main Services: 
Mobile Payments
Tool Maturity: 
Currently deployed
Flash Mobile
Java ME
Mobile Linux
Windows Mobile
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Number of Current End Users: 
Number of current beneficiaries: 
Under 100
Languages supported: 
English, French
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Old Phone Donations to Provide New Phones for Community Health Workers in Africa

Posted by KatrinVerclas on May 18, 2009

There is a new initiative under way to used use old phones to donate money for mobile health initiatives for clinics in Africa.  The Hope Phones campaign is a project of, the UK parent organization of FrontlineSMS, a text messaging platform.  The project asks people in the United States to donate their old phones for a small donation, in turn, to FrontlineSMS that then can be used to purchase new phones for community health workers in clinics in Malawi and other countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

Is mobile fundraising the next frontier for charities?

Posted by KatrinVerclas on Nov 29, 2007

The numbers speak for themselves: There are currently 236 million cell phone users in the U.S. – an astounding 76% penetration. In December of last year alone, 18.7 billion text messages were sent — up 92% from 9.7 billion in December 2005. Estimates for this year are topping 195 billion text messages sent in 2007. That is 600 million text messages a day.

Needless to say, fundraisers and nonprofits are salivating at the potential of reaching all of these people where they are, at the moment they are moved by a cause, and when they are able to GIVE – with their thumbs.

Mobile fundraising for worthwhile causes are indeed beginning to make headlines. So what is the truth behind the hype? What can fundraisers and nonprofits promoting a cause do and expect as results, and what creative ideas have gone untapped so far?