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Posted by kdetolly on Oct 06, 2009
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Alex Stocks
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Paper based data collection (e.g. surveys, Monitoring & Evaluation data) is very cumbersome. It's time-consuming and prone to problems like data loss. Mobile phones are an ideal tool for data collection: many people have them, they're portable, and users are familiar with them as devices. It's also very cheap to send data wirelessly to a central server.

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EMIT is a mobile and web data collection system, allowing you to collect, analyse and report using live data from the field. Features include: online form creation; online or mobile interface for data entry; built-in logic, error checking and decision support; generated reports.

Ways that EMIT can be used include: organisational monitoring & evaluation; on-site decision support; home-based care; field surveys; custom surveys; and subject follow-up.

Organisations in South Africa are currently using EMIT to get trainers to send in M&E data from the field (eg number of people trained), and to record counseling registrations at VCT clinics.

EMIT is as open source application and so is free to download and customise.

Tool Category: 
App resides and runs on a mobile phone
Is a web-based application/web service
Key Features : 
  • online forms creation
  • online or mobile interface for data entry
  • built in logic, error checking and decision support
  • generated reports
Main Services: 
Voting, Data Collection, Surveys, and Polling
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Currently deployed
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Organizations Using the Tool: 

Community Media Trust (CMT)

One Voice

Life Line

The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC)




The Valley Trust


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Under 100
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Any Java-enabled phone
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Cell-Life Update: Using Mobiles to Fight HIV/AIDS

Posted by CorinneRamey on Jul 31, 2008

In South Africa, mobile phones and HIV/AIDS are two pervsasive realities. Some 75% percent of  children and adults in the country have mobile phones, and according to the National HIV Survey, 10.8% of people over two years old are living with HIV. Almost 1,000 AIDS deaths occur every day. Cell-Life, an NGO based in Cape Town, aims to address this growing AIDS epidemic by using mobile phones.

Cell-Life's "Cellphones for HIV" project continues with two new pilot projects. In one pilot, Cell-Life will collaborate with the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) in the Western Cape to provide information to communicty trainers and the wider HIV community. In the second pilot, Cell-Life will work with Soul City, which uses television and radio dramas to discuss issues such as social norms, health, and HIV/AIDS.