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New Versions of Useful Tools: Freedom Fone and Orbot

Posted by KatrinVerclas on Apr 21, 2010

Two mobile tools that we have been watching with interest have new versions out and available for public beta and testing. 

Freedom Fone

Freedom Fone, developed by Kubatana in Zimbabwe, is an interactive voice response system that allows callers to access audio information on their mobile phones. It is aimed at organizations who want to set interactive up audio news services for their audiences. Freedom Fone is now out in version 1.5 and available for public testing and use. 

While there are many such interactive voice systems (Asterisk is the most well-known open source VOIP platform, with many commercial, open source versions such as Trixbox using Asterisk), Freedom Fone is focused on an NGO audience with easy install and setup that minimizes the need for technical expertise. 

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