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Posted by StephanieMilbergs on Jun 01, 2010

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Tom Clayton
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People want to communicate ideas or messages using their voices.  Bubbly enables users to send voice messages to multiple followers.

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Bubbly is a voice-blogging service for mobile phones where individuals and celebrities record voice updates heard by friends, family, fans and followers. Bubbly is like Twitter with a voice and is bringing social networking to mobile phones.  Bubbly's mobile operator partners include: Airtel, Vodafone, Turkcell, Digi, Indosat, AIS, CSL/New World Mobility.

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App resides and runs on a mobile phone
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Venturebeat has covered Bubbly and the service has gained 500,000 users in India.  "Bubbly is cell phone service that aims to bring social media to the masses. It builds on the foundation set by Bubble Talk, which has 100 million users who use the service to send voice messages to on other individuals. With Bubbly, messages go to a bigger audience — followers."  By offering features that drive phone usage (text and voice), operators are able to use Bubble Motion to drive new sources of revenues that have previously been untapped.  

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Mobile Social Network/Peer-to-peer
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All phones -- Voice
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English, Hindi
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