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Souktel Aidlink - Simple SMS Alerts and Surveys for the NGO Community

Posted by souktel on Nov 12, 2009
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Mohammed Kilany, Jacob Korenblum
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In developing countries and crisis zones, the right information can save lives--if it can be gathered and shared quickly. Mobile devices can help, but most low-income communities still rely on basic first-generation phones--not iPhones or PDAs. When roads are damaged, shipping advanced handsets into hard-hit areas can be difficult and time-consuming.

Even when the right technology is available, sharing data between field sites and head offices is also tough: Messaging software and incoming responses are often limited to a single computer in the field.

To address these challenges, Souktel has created alert and survey software that uses basic text messaging to send/receive information between multiple locations. Hosted remotely, the "AidLink" software platform can be accessed locally via SMS on any basic cell phone--enabling any community member to get information, submit data, or receive news. AidLink can also be managed via web and SMS simultaneously, so that NGO staff in head offices and field sites can run campaigns together. 

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Our solution is simple, and designed so that field workers and community members can manage the software directly:

Aidlink Alerts - Send Messages in 4 Easy Steps:

1) From any mobile phone (or a secure web panel), create SMS “mailing lists” of community member/field staff phone numbers.
2) Segment your phone number “mailing lists” according to specific criteria: location, age, gender, or more. Give each mailing list its own numeric code.
3) On your phone (or online), create an alert message (eg. “Reminder: Training today at 3 pm”).
4) Send SMS alert to thousands of community members at once, or just to specific
groups, by entering the codes of the "mailing lists" you'd like to reach.

Aidlink Surveys - Gather Basic Data in 4 Easy Steps

1) On a secure web panel, create your SMS survey: a sequence of short questions that can be sent out via text-message.
2) Send an SMS “alert” (see above) to thousands of registered users—or a small group of people—inviting them to answer the survey questions.
3) Users “text” their answers to the questions, one at a time.
4) Survey results appear directly in a secure online database, for quick analysis and response. Easily exportable to Excel/SAS/SPSS.

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App resides and runs on a server
Is a web-based application/web service
Key Features : 

What makes Souktel "AidLink" unique?

  • It can be managed online or by SMS from a mobile handset--so people in different locations can all use it together. Not tied to a single computer and handset.
  • It's SMS-based, so it works on any basic phone handset. 
  • It's connected directly to national mobile network gateways, so partners can send thousands of messages instantly without problems. No USB modems required!
  • It's custom-built to meet specific project needs: We work directly with partners to integrate apps into your website, your project activities, and your community.
  • It's developed by people in crisis zones, for people in crisis zones: All apps are created in Palestine for use in Gaza, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia and other hard-to-access regions. 
  • It's deliberately designed for Arabic-script languages like Standard Arabic, Urdu, Kurdish and Farsi (but all apps work in English script too).
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Bulk SMS
Voting, Data Collection, Surveys, and Polling
Mobile Social Network/Peer-to-peer
Information Resources/Information Databases
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Currently deployed
All phones -- SMS
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Red Cross/Red Crescent - West Bank/Gaza (

UN-OCHA - West Bank/Gaza (

Mercy Corps - Gaza, Iraq (

EDC Inc. - Somalia, Sudan (

Near East Foundation - Morocco (

AED Inc. - West Bank/Gaza (

CHF International - West Bank/Gaza (

Relief International - Gaza ( more than 35 local community-based organizations, NGOs, and universities in countries across the Middle East and East Africa.

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Arabic, Kurdish, English, French, Somali, Spanish
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Works on any handset!
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