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SaferMobile: Mobile Email Security, Data Protection, and Anonymous Browsing Guides

Posted by ccarlon on Oct 14, 2011

For many, mobile devices are an indispensable tool for storing and sharing increasingly sensitive information. Contacts, emails, and mobile browsing history can easily be compromised without taking the proper measures to ensure that that information is safely in the right hands... and out of the wrong ones. Newly added to our mDirectory are the following how-to guides on securing mobile email, mobile anonymity, backups, and data deletion from our SaferMobile team: 

  • Securing Your Mobile Email - This guide catalogs the different tactics you can take to keep mobile email safe. It covers email security basics, TLS/SSL enabling, and email encryption. The guide also provides customized tactics and suggestions for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and Nokia/Symbian phones.
  • Mobile Tools for Backups, Data Deletion and Remote Wipe - Anyone who has ever had their phone stolen knows how frustrating and potentially dangerous that can be. Here we have a comprehensive review of some of the tools out there for data backup and restore, data deletion, and remote wipe.

For all other materials produced by the SaferMobile team, check out this complete list (and watch for a new SaferMobile site soon!)

$10,000 Challenge for Unblockable, Anonymous, Encrypted Mobile Internet Access

Posted by KatrinVerclas on Jun 30, 2009

Nova Spivack, a serial entrepreneir and CEO of, just issued a small $10,000 challenge for an "unblockable connection to the Internet":

From the challenge description:

Must work on mobile devices that are widely used in Asia (China in particular, but also Myanamar) and the Middle East (Iran for example). These are regions where State-sponsored Internet blocking is rampant.

Must be possible to download and install by a non-technical device owner using a simple one-click install, with an optional settings step and optional advanced settings.