Swing Over to the Mobile Media Toolkit

Posted by MelissaUlbricht on Oct 21, 2011

The Mobile Media Toolkit is a new resource site with lots of content about how mobile tech can be used for reporting, news broadcasting, and citizen media.

The Toolkit content is available in English, Spanish, Arabic, and we are translating into Russian as well. We've been adding lots of helpful new content since our launch a few months ago. Here is a sampling: 

NEW How-To Guides:  The latest is on how to use Bambuzer to live stream content and engage with audiences. Michelle Li of WECT tells us how her newsroom uses Bambuser to share live video and engage with viewers. (And lets us in on what news anchors talk about, off-camera.) Check out the complete guide here.

NEW Case studies, for instance on how to use SMS and radio to engage with listeners in Uganda. No Internet? No problem. Using a new tool called TRAC FM, stations are able to poll listeners via SMS and share the results over the radio. Read the full case study here.

TIPS for the Mobile Journalist, (aka MoJo) such as this video on how to shoot and transfer content from a mobile phone to a tablet using basic hardware and software. For more, check out the Toolkit section on Creating Content (and getting it off) your mobile phone.

In our weekly Mobile Media Roundup, we share other interesting new mobile media apps and suggested guides and sites. In this week's Roundup, we share tips on covering Occupy Wall Street events. 

Have something else you want to share? Did we forget a cool mobile tool? Let us know by sending us an email or review your own tool with a guest post on the Mobile Media Toolkit. Or engage with us on Twitter or Facebook.

Here's to Making Media Mobile. 



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