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Posted by CorinneRamey on Jun 04, 2008

MobileActive summit comes to Joburg

[ Johannesburg, 3 June 2008 ] - Sangonet, in conjunction with, will host the MobileActive08 Summit, from 13 to 15 October, in Johannesburg.

Themed “Unlocking the Potential of Mobile Technology for Social Impact”, the event claims to convene over 300 international civil society, development and technology experts interested in the use and application of mobile technology in support of social impact.

According to, non-profit practitioners showcasing innovative and creative ways to use mobile phones, and mobile technologists, researchers, government officials and representatives from the international donor community and telecommunications industry, will be among the participants.

Katrin Verclas, co-founder and editor of, says: “At MobileActive08, participants will explore how mobile phones are used to advance civil society and development work, assess the current state of knowledge in the use and effectiveness of mobile technology to advance social action, and investigate trends, needs and investment opportunities.”

She says the hosts invite practitioners, researchers and technologists to submit proposals for workshops and short talks on the topic of mobile technology for social impact. Prospective participants are also urged to showcase products and services in the SIMplace and SIMlabs – interactive marketplaces for applications and products.

The deadline for submissions is the end of June.

Those wishing to submit applications should visit