Posted by AnneryanHeatwole on June 29, 2010

The Financial Times published "Mobile Phones are Harnessed to the Wisdom of Crowds" in April 2010. The article covers the uses of mobiles in developing countries – from disaster relief and mobile giving to health monitoring and data collection. Katrin Verclas is quoted. 

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Katrin Verclas wrote a profile of Matt Berg for the TIME 100 Most Influential People of 2010 list. Berg heads ChildCount+, which uses mobiles to track child and maternal health in Africa via SMS. 

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An April 19, 2010 article in TIME magazine ("Without a Trace") wrote about a new mobile security tool called TigerText. Katrin Verclas was quoted on how the tool could be used for social change. 

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After the Haitian Earthquake, extensively covered the promises and potential pitfalls of mobile giving. On January 18, 2010, Public Radio International: The World interviewed Katrin Verclas about mobile giving during disaster relief. 

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In the Dan Rather Reports episode "Talking Text," which aired on the 5th of January, 2010, Katrin Verclas participated in a roundtable discussion about the explosion of communication over the Internet. 

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In November of 2009, the French newspaper Le Monde referenced's article "Deconstructing Mobiles: Myths and Realities about Women and Mobile Phones" in their article, "En Afrique, le Developpement du Telephone Mobile ne fait pas de Miracles."

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In this August 2009 video, Katrin Verclas discusses the power of mobiles for news dissemination and citizen participation as part of the Nokia Responsiveness Campaign in collaboration with TED Fellows. 

Posted by KatrinVerclas on August 12, 2009

The monthly magazine of the Association Center, Now Magazine, has an article in its September 2009 edition on how associations are using and should be thinking about mobiles in theior engagement strategies. Katrin Verclas from is extensively quoted.  

Posted by KatrinVerclas on June 17, 2009

Wired Magazine reports on the Knight Foundation News Challenge winners, including which won the Challenge for the Mobile Media Toolkit, a resource site with tools and how-to materials on mobiles in independent and community media.

MIT Media Lab and 2009 TED fellow Katrin Verclas receives $200,000 to create a Mobile Media Toolkit — a downloadable production tool for various mobile phone platforms. “The toolkit will include applications for video and audio recording, a distribution tool for mobile content to social media sites and detailed how-to information that outlines what users can do with the phones they have.”

The Boston Globe also reports on as a winner of the New Challenge.


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ITWorld has a report on the Open Mobile Consortium launch in May 2009. a co-founder of the Consortium and is quoted in the article.

"The Open Mobile Consortium has launched a global development community to help organizations collaborate and share mobile technologies. The OMC's development community compromises several organizations that develop open-source software tools that help organizations better serve the health, humanitarian and development needs of the "bottom billion" of the world's population," says ITWorld.