VeriCorder Technology Inc.

Posted by AnneryanHeatwole on Mar 12, 2010

VeriCorder Technology was founded by Gary Symons,a journalist with more than 20 years of experience as a field journalist working in newspapers, radio and television. A pioneer in mobile journalism, Symons developed one of the first wireless reporting field kits, but was frustrated by the limitations of cumbersome equipment and unreliable technology. Gary’s goal was to re-invent how traditional mobile journalism is done, thereby solving one of the most basic problems facing the broadcasting and journalism industry; how to easily and quickly record, edit and send sound recordings wirelessly from anywhere to anywhere. This goal was achieved through the launch of Poddio; a comprehensive audio suite for your iphone that records, edits and sends complete, professional quality audio files and scripts. After developing a solution for audio recordings, the natural progression was to produce an audio and video suite; 1st Video. All VeriCorder products are fully integrated into customer’s backend infrastructure, such as News Room Control Systems or podcast servers. The vision does not stop there. VeriCorder maintains close working relationships with the broadcasting industry and educational institutions to ensure our solutions continue to advance and address the current needs of this ever-changing environment.

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