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Posted by AnneryanHeatwole on Aug 31, 2009

The World Wide Web (WWW) enabled quick and easy information dissemination and brought about fundamental changes to various aspects of our lives. However, a very large number of people, mostly in developing regions, are still untouched by this revolution. Compared to PCs, the primary access mechanism to WWW, mobile phones have made a phenomenal penetration into this population segment. Low cost of ownership, the simple user interface consisting of a small keyboard, limited menu and voice-based access contribute to the success of mobile phones with the less literate. However, apart from basic voice communication, these people are not being able to exploit the benefits of information and services available to WWW users. The World Wide Telecom Web (Spoken Web) is our vision of a voice-driven ecosystem parallel and complementary to that of the WWW. WWTW is a network of VoiceSites that are voice driven applications created by users themselves and hosted in the network.

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