Posted by CartONG on Nov 25, 2010

The aim of the NGO is to promote the use of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the context of the relief work, emergency and development. CartONG would like to develop the exchanges of geographic information between the NGO's, or association involved in the humanitarian work.

CartONG proposes:

  • The provision and management of mutualized databases with geographic components, in order to feel the needs of the whole humanitarian community.
  • The creation of a hub with mapping competencies and GIS expertises specialized in the problematic linked to the context and the field (projection, borders.)
  • An offer of formations and trainings, innovative solutions and mapping services for decision making, for the creation of standards frames and references or for dissemination of information.

CartONG aims is to promote the use of Geographic Information Systems for emergency relief work and for development. It also aims to encourage humanitarian actors to share geographic information between themselves. To achieve these aims, CartONG offers geographic database management to the humanitarian community and is creating a network of competant mapping and GIS people, focused on field work and training of field managers to best utilise geographic data in decision making

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