Nokia Data Gathering is Now Open Source

Posted by PrabhasPokharel on Aug 10, 2010

Nokia Data Gathering, a Nokia-built software tool for mobile data collection, recently open-sourced its code. The software has two parts: a server-side tool that can be used to create forms and maintain a database, and a handset client for field workers to use for mobile, in-the-field data collection. Both pieces are licensed under the GPL version 2. The project site is available at Forum Nokia, and invites third-party patches.

The server-side software uses a MySQL database to store data uploaded by fieldworkers via the mobile handset client. The graphical interface lets users manage the handsets, lets users create and edit surveys, as well as analyze and process survey results.The handset-side software is specifically designed for Nokia E61, E62, E63, E71, and E72 phones (it may also run on other J2ME phones but we have not tested that). The J2ME application can store data locally on the phone and transfer it back to the server when a data connection is available. Notable features of Nokia Data Gathering include encrypted data transfer, integration with GPS and camera when available (for example, a survey response can be an image), and the ability to transfer data using Bluetooth and USB. Users with a compatible phone can try out the software at the Nokia Data Gathering Playground.

The software has been used in deployments in Brazil, Indonesia, The Philippines, Ecuador, and Liberia. Use cases include data gathering related to dengue fever, crop production, birth registrations, and collection of child sponsorship data.

Screenshot of the server-side tool is from the Nokia Data Gathering Playground.

Prabhas Pokharel is the Mobile Media Toolkit lead at He tweets at @prabhasp.

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Countries: Brazil Ecuador Indonesia Liberia Philippines

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