Ideen, wie soziale und Umwelt-Projekte von Handys profitieren

Im Mobile Marketing Magazine gelesen. Sehr feine Sache! Handys sind nämlich gar nicht nur schlecht. ;-)
Handset maker Nokia and mobile network operator Vodafone have launched a website designed to help share ideas on how to use mobile communications for social and environmental benefits. The site,, was created in direct response to NGO (non-governmental organisation) calls for better tools and information on how to use mobile technology more effectively in their work.Although initially created with support from Nokia and Vodafone, the site will be developed by a wide range of individuals and organisations interested in using mobile services for social change. The wiki format means people can edit, update or comment on case studies and stories on the site, and add their own from wherever they are around the world.Case studies are grouped into seven key areas - Civic Engagement, Economic Empowerment, Education, Environment, Health and Safety, and Humanitarian Relief Projects – topics chosen after consultation with many NGOs.Stories already shared on the site include how the development of an SMS alert system has made it possible for one organisation to mobilise hundreds of volunteers to carry out emergency clean up efforts in the event of an oil spill in the Baltic Sea. Other examples include how mobile games have been created in Africa and India to educate the public about HIV/AIDS and prevention measures, and how teachers in remote areas in the Philippines are receiving training and state-of-the-art learning materials via SMS.Tips and advice to help NGOs use mobile devices to help manage their work and communication between their teams and to their supporters are also available on the site. “The positive contribution mobile technology can make to societies is without doubt, but to realise its full potential we need to share our experiences and learnings more effectively” says Ndidi Nwuneli, Founder and CEO of LEAP Africa, a Nigerian NGO dedicated to nurturing a new generation of African leaders. “The partnership between Nokia and Vodafone has created something which is simple and practical to use, and will give us access to information which will help make a real difference to people’s lives."

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