The News has been Coming, and the Mobile Media Team is excited

Posted by PrabhasPokharel on Aug 26, 2009

As I've mentioned, the Mobile Media Toolkit team will be attending the upcoming Highway Africa conference.

We are excited to meet up with Harry Dugmore and Guy Berger at Rhodes University who have been behind the Lindaba Ziyafika ("The News is Coming") project. The project, motivated by a desire to reach young people in Grahamstown, has taken Grahamstown's newspaper and enabled it for mobile-based citizen contributions.

Here's what is happening at Grocott's Mail: citizen are already texting in news and opinion, uploading multimedia to the newspaper's website, and students are sending SMS haikus to the newspaper. Dugmore reports that the project is also exploring the use of voice uploading technology in the effort to bring a more immersive experience to users.

If you're interested in hearing more about Lindaba Ziyafika read more on the MediaShift Idea Lab blog. Dugmore's articles are here and Berger's here.

Image a screenshot of Grocott's SMS opinions page.

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