Moblogging at Glastonbury Festival with Greenpeace, Oxfam and WaterAid

Here's an exciting project I've been working on recently (sorry about the PR speak, it's some copy I've been using in promotion!).

Glastonbury is a giant music festival, the biggest in the UK and probably in Europe, but it's located on a working dairy farm and we need to leave the farm the way the cows like it. So the only trace of this year's festival we want to leave behind are images, videos and text messages. So Greenpeace, Oxfam and WaterAid are collaborating with Moblog to capture the sights and sounds (but, thankfully, not the smells) on a mobile blogging website or moblog.

Bloggers from the three organisations will be roaming the festival, taking pictures and video clips and posting them to, which is also available as a mobile website, for easy access on-site. Because these posts will also be marked on a Google map, we'll be showing where the best examples of green living are - whether it's solar-powered showers, sculpture made from recycled materials or water-saving systems - as well as highlighting the nooks and crannies of the festival which might otherwise be missed. Plus everyone on the farm can contribute images and video can be posted to the site by sending an SMS or MMS with the keyword TIDY at the start to 07786 201 241 from the UK.

But that's not all. Using services provided by Spinvox, bloggers from the three organisations will be phoning in with messages which will be posted as an audio file and converted into text, both of which will be available on the Leave No Trace site.

The Leave No Trace moblog uses the new mobile blogging platform created by moblog:tech. You can test out the mobile version of the new site on your phone here.

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