MobileVoter Launches TxtVoter: A Do It Yourself SMS Voter Registration Drive

Posted by justinoberman on Jul 21, 2006

The news from MobileVoter just keeps comming. Ben Rigby have been working like mad and are today launching their TxtVoter Run Your Own Campaign tool.

Simply put TxtVoter allows individuals & organizations to reserve their own keywords which tie idirectly into MobileVoters very own voter registration system. Ultimely this allows anyone to create their own SMS Mobile Voter registration drive.

After that all you have to do is tell your target voters to text [your keyword] to 75444. After that the MobileVoter registation system kicks in. But of course you will also be able to send customized texts and online postcards.

The guys over at MobileVoter have even gone as far to provide tools that allow individual or organizations to create customizable PDF templates that feature the user's keywords - so that, for example, users can print out  materials to promote their voter registration drive

The TxtVoter tool will also eventually come with a bunch of tracking tools showing stats on who is texting in and where they are in the registration process. This will allow any organization to better help the individual through what can at times feekl like the daunting task of registrating to vote. "This ultimately the power of voter registration back into the hands of people," said Ben Rigby. "Mobile Voter," he tells me, "will also eventually provide prizes to top registars."

Try it out for yourself, text the word "voter" to 75444 and do it via text-message

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