MobileActive08 Update: Sessions from the Who is Who in Mobiles for Social Impact

Posted by KatrinVerclas on Jun 15, 2008

MobileActive08 session submissions are looking amazing.  We have received suggestions from some of the most interesting people and projects in the field. We are still accepting submissions for workshops, talks, the SIMplace and SIMlab - the deadline for submissions is June 30th. But we are filling up, so please go ahead and submit your sessions! 

We have heard from Mark Davies at Tradenet, Jonathan Donner from Microsoft Reesarch, Peter Benjamin and his team at Cell Life, Claire Thwaites and her team at the UN Foundation and Vodafone Group Foundation Technology Partnership.  We will hear from colleagues from HIVOS, SIDA and UPGRAID, researchers from leading universities, including Gary Marsden from the University of Cape Town, and NGO and commercial projects. We'll hear from and Google Android developers. We are talking to Wizzit and MTN and other leaders in the field of mobile payment for development. We'll welcome people from the MobileActive community such as Hernan Nadal from Greenpeace, Erik Hershman with Ushahidi, and organizations like Global Voices, the Hartman institute in Brazil that we have featured, and many, many others. We'll welcome MTN and Clickatell and feature independent applications like Frontline SMS in the SIMlab. 

We'll be talking about mobiles in health, advocacy, livelihoods and economic empowerment, and relief among others. We'll have a SIMplace - an interactive exhibit space -- and the SIMlab where you can try out mobile applciations and chat with the developer.  

in short, don't miss it. If you have a project you want to feature, a talk you want to give, a workshop you want to run, or a product you want to showcase, please go to and contribute your expertise and passion!  Deadline for submissions is June 30th.

We look forward to seeing you in Johannesburg in October!

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